If you're putting together a '39-'40 Ford and want some helpful building tips, refer to our previously published articles from the pages of "Street Rodder" & "Street Rod Builder" Magazines in the issues listed below........

The Late "Dave Bell", premier cartoonist from the pages of Street Rodder Magazine, created the caricatures for the 40's 50th birthday. Printed black on heavy 12" x 16" artpaper and suitable for mounting.

40DBP-C                               $19.00

40DBP-CV                            $19.00

40DBP-S                               $19.00

40DBP-ALL, (all 3 prints)      $49.00

* * *

Installing Mr. 40's "TRUNKLIFT" Kits, Street Rodder January '89

V-Butt Windshields, Street Rodder Spring '89

Cooling the '40, Street Rodder September '90

Installing '40 Front Sheet Metal, Street Rodder February '96

Installing Mr40s Wiper Kit, Street Rod Builder January '04

Article reprints are available from Mr40s for $5.00 each, (not available through e-mail).

Mr. 40's Pics